Tidycal Review: Get LifeTime scheduling solution just for[$29]

Tidycal review
Are you facing problems managing emails, and scheduling meetings? Then you are in the right place. Today I am going to discuss the Tidycal review. TidyCal wants to help you in the organizing process. This will help you build a booking page designed to fit your specifications. In this way, a person can make appointments with you by choice and conveniently available slots. TidyCal offers flexibility too. There are diverse types of meetings, a free one when you give a consultation, and a paid session established, with availability options through blocks of time or even polls to find a mutually agreed time.
Get Tidycal LifeTime deal

Tidycal Introduction

TidyCal is a scheduling software that allows managing appointments and meetings more conveniently in online mode. It is the source of a user-friendly admin interface for setting availability on your page and creating booking pages. This bullet point allows people to book with you self-serve; it saves you the hassle of traditional back-and-forth scheduling. TidyCal, moreover, lets the users pick up their style and connect with the popular calendars and video conferencing tools, making it easier for your schedule. With a one-time payment being the only requirement for lifetime access, TidyCal is one of the budget-friendly options that can sort out your appointments and meetings.

How does Tidycal work?

In all the hassles connected with the process of setting appoints, TidyCal provides essential services of maintaining a single hub for you and those you are scheduled to meet with Here’s the gist of how it works: Here’s the gist of how it works:
  •  Set Your Availability: You can inform the calendar how often you are free. days, set a block only on particular days, or get somebody into a poll to settle on a day that is suitable for all of you.
  • Create Booking Options: Different appointment types, Help to categorize different healthcare problems. Provide free consultation services, detailed paid sessions, group rooms, or even regular classes – depending on your preference.
  •  Share Your Booking Page: It then makes a unique booking page where a customer has to click a few times to get the appointment that fits in their schedule on their next available day/hours. Just help me to spread this link to with people whom you have meetings, and we are done.
  •  Automated Communication: When users navigate your booking page, they are able to view the open time slots and choose the best convenient slot TidyCal handles the same, but sends two confirmation emails, one for you and the other for the attendee, also adding a premeeting reminder prior to your meeting.
  • Seamless Integration (Optional): Partner with video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet to get a better interface for utilizing TidyCal. This allows for saving time as you would not have to schedule a separate meeting.
With TidyCal, it is possible for you to either manage your emails back and forth or organize your schedule. You save time and bring orderliness too.

Who is tidycal use for?

TidyCal is a scheduling tool developed to cater to individuals or businesses who are looking for a way to speed up appointment booking.
  • Individual Professionals: Freelancers, consultants, coaches, tutors, and anyone with one-on-one meetings can be added to the pool of users of TidyCal. It facilitates the process of making appointments for meetings, making client calls or tele-lessons,
  • Sales Teams: Vendors can book appointments for product demos, walkthroughs, or calls through TidyCal with potential customers.
  • Recruiters: Effortlessly organize phone screens, interviews, or member calls, for example, with TidyCal’s automated booking system.
  • Content Creators: YouTube, podcast, or bloggers are able to book recording sessions or interviews with a guest or collaborators easily through TidyCal.
  • Anyone Who Needs to Schedule Appointments: If you are constantly emailing others back and forth trying to figure out a meeting time, knowing this app could be beneficial. The service is very suitable for practicing such professionals as therapists, doctors, and anyone who makes regular appointments.
To sum up, TidyCal is an all-rounder tool that definitely suits anyone who needs to easily schedule appointments without wasting time.
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What are the main features? 

Tidycal review
                                                                 Tidycal Main features
TidyCal offers a range of features to simplify appointment scheduling, here are some of the key functionalities:
  • Availability Management: Best to specify your availability. Schedule the Zoom meetings in advance and specify the days or single the dates so individuals do not miss the indicated meetings. You can also use the polling feature to find the common time with the attendees.
  • Automated Communication: Our booking tool TidyCal uses email confirmation to relay booking details to both you and the attendees once a booking has been made. You can also set up automated reminders before the meeting to ensure no one forgets.
  • Seamless Integrations (Optional): Send invites or share meetings with TidyCal integrated with Zoom or Google Meet video conferencing applications. It does wonders for not having the person sitting in front of you miss the meeting just because the time and technology come and making the introduction to the virtual encounter itself a very smooth transition.
  • Payment Processing (Optional): When it comes to paid appointments, TidyCal comes along with inventory processors such as Stripe and PayPal that close payments by connecting you directly through the platform
  • Calendar Syncing (Optional): Have your pre-installed calendars like Google Calendar or Outlook talk to your TidyCal and have it be a smooth and seamless experience. By doing so you are not only protected against double bookings, but also you will provision TidyCal access that only reflects your actual available time accordingly and conveniently.
  • Customizable Booking Page (Optional): Your booking page through TidyCal will be automatically generated. But with a logo or photos of your branding, as well as a personal message for those interested in booking, you will be able to customize it.
  • Management Dashboard: Access and handle all your calendar items that are scheduled directly from the Tidy board.

 Advanced features

TideyCal provides you with more advanced tools besides the core scheduling functions.
  • Advanced Availability Details: One of the main benefits of this is that you get to define your availability in a more elaborate way compared to just time slots. You can set it.
  • Booking Lead Time: Limit how early someone can schedule a meeting with you (e.g., restrict last-minute meetings).
  • Meeting Buffer Time: Schedule some time off in between the events to take a break, relax, and prepare yourself for the next appointment
  • Minimum Notice for Booking: Requesting a patient to book an appointment at least a certain time in advance in order to avoid conflicts with urgent tasks (for example).
  • Group Booking: Just so you know, this is the right option when the attendees need to be physically present for the appointment. You are able to set the number of guests registrable as well as collect additional data through the booking process.
  • Package Bookings: Package the appointments that come together to form a bundle and offer them at discounted rates. This will help professionals who have tiered service options to market their offerings.
  • Custom Redirect URL: After the receipt of the appointment booking confirmation, visitors will be automatically redirected to a dedicated webpage (e.g. confirmation page with supplementary information and/or an appreciation message).
  • User Permissions (Pro Plan): For clubs or organizations using TidyCal, designate unique approval for managing calendars and appointments among team members. This permits detailed protocols for time controls.
  • Multilingual Support: TidyCal covers almost all languages for far-reaching customer coverage.
Integrating these features into the scheduling process helps one to regulate their schedules successfully and raises efficiency for the managers who deal with complicated scheduling chores.

Integration With

Here are some tools that TidyCal integrated with you to enhance your scheduling experience and streamline your workflow:
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft 365
  • Zapier
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet

 Get Tidycal LifeTime deal 

The Lifetime Deal on Tidycal on AppSumo is simply magic for anyone who wants to automate their scheduling especially if you are looking for a product that is both user-friendly and powerful. Here’s the details :
Price: Get it at a special price for only $29.
Features: Tidycal is a one-time payment solution, which provides lifetime access to all future updates and new features without any extra cost. There are limitless booking pages to fit your branding and customized tools for single- and multi-user bookings to streamline your workflow. Also, it is integrated into popular tools such as Google Calendar and Zoom for effortless work management.
Before you buy, consider this:
AppSumo’s terms apply: Make sure to go through AppSumo’s terms and conditions before subscription, as you’ll need to be comfortable with them.
Check the feature limitations: On the one hand, there are many cool things yet there may be some limits compared to the regular paid service of Tidycal. Please review the AppSumo page for the features you require to be present.
Needs assessment: If all you’re looking for is something to structure your day, then their free subscription might be just the ticket.
In general, Tidycal Lifetime Deal on AppSumo is an appropriate choice for freelancers, small companies, or those who want an advanced booking management option for life especially when they have several users to schedule notifications for.

Deal terms & conditions

  • Lifetime access to TidyCal just for $29
  • All future Lifetime Plan updates
  • An AppSumo Original
  • Max Calendar Connections: 10
  • Both Free & paid meetings
  • Reduced branding
  • Group bookings
  • Pro integrations: Zoom, Google Meet, Zapier, API
  • Custom redirect URL
  • CSV export
  • Custom Email Reminders
  • Guest Invites
  • Package Bookings
  • Unlimited Bookings
  • Directory Access
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you
 Get Tidycal LifeTime deal 
Tidycal review
Tidycal Pricing plan

Pros and Cons:

The TidyCal application is a program intended to basically automate appointment booking. undefined
  • Lifetime access: In contrast to other apps that seek installment payments, TidyCal is the only solution that charges a one-time fee for a lifetime subscription. Thus, it can be a considerable source of cost savings in the future.
  • Easy to use: TidyCal is famed for its friendly user interface, so you can easily set it up and manage all your scheduling requirements.
  • Flexibility: Offer an array of appointment types (free consultations, paid sessions, group meetings), and specify the availability precisely (recurring blocks, exact dates, polls); integrate them with familiar video-conferencing platforms.
  • Automation: With TidyCal in your corner, you can automate communication and send confirmation emails and reminders, which will not only increase your efficiency but also keep everyone on track.
  • Integrations: Connect TidyCal with essential tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Zapier, and calendaring apps that will make workflow a lot easier.
  • Additional features: TidyCal provides such services as custom URLs, CSV exports, email reminders customization and guest invites to maximize convenience.
  • Limited free plan: Although TidyCal features a free trial, the key functionalities can only be obtained in a paid plan.
  • Reduced branding on the free plan: The free plan is branded by TidyCal on your booking page, which perhaps could affect customization.
  • Limited calendar connections (Free & Tier 1 plan): The lifetime plan ($29) displays only 10 contacts on the calendar.
  • Might not be ideal for large teams: A free and Tier 1 plan may fall short of the functionality that is required for comprehensive and detailed management of team schedules.
  • Limited higher-tier details: The higher-priced versions might lack information about themselves, making it difficult or even impossible to do a comparison between specific features and their benefits for large companies.
 Get Tidycal LifeTime deal 

Customer’s Review of Tidycal review:

Here are some important snapshots of Customer’s Review:
Tidycal review
Tidycal customers review

How to Use TidyCal?

Here’s a guide on how to use TidyCal effectively:
  1. Sign Up and Set Up Your Profile:
  • Go to and register.
  • Create your profile by uploading the photo and setting the preferred language, time zone, and currency.
  1. Connect Your Calendar (Optional):
  • If you want a more streamlined journey, TidyCal syncs with your calendar (for instance, Google Calendar or Outlook) so you can proceed seamlessly. This will in the absence of double bookings ensure TidyCal’s availability reflects your actual schedule.
  1. Create Booking Types:
           Discuss here what kind of appointments you would like to have. 
  •  Free Consultations
  •  Paid Sessions (set a price, if needed)
  •  Group meetings (define the number of attendees allowed)
  •  Regular Assignments (ex. weekly meetings).
  •  The details might include an agreement on the length, the buffer time between the appointments (to avoid back-to-back scheduling), and any extra information an attendee should provide when booking (for example, a short description of their inquiry)
  1. Set Your Availability:
  •  Specify the time of availability for each booking category. You can choose:
  •  Weekly recurring time blocks (e.g., Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:(6:00 AM to 6:00 PM).
  •  The exact dates when you can be available.
  •  Polling: Allow participants to book times and find one that suits all.
  1. Customize Your Booking Page (Optional):
  •  TidyCal automatically creates a customized booking page according to the settings you provide. 
  •  Branding with the logo or picture.
  •  Creating a personalized invitation for guests.
  1. Share Your Booking Page:
  •  After you are satisfied with your settings, copy the link that belongs to the unique booking page.
  •  Share this link with anyone who needs to schedule an appointment with you (e.g. embed it in your email signature, website, social media handles).
  1. Manage Bookings:
  • TidyCal allows you to view your pending appointments in an organized manner. They are easily accessible and editable from TidyCal’s dashboard.
 Get Tidycal LifeTime deal 


Tidycal provides a clean and simple means to administer your calendar. Users have access to tools through which they can add, edit and even delete postings while these personalization options give them the ability to customize their calendar experience. Merging various tools makes it possible to synchronize them across devices; an additional collaboration feature ensures teamwork coordination. The reminders and notifications support users in keeping the schedule in a hectically busy life.

 TidyCal vs Calandly


Tidycal review
Tidycal vs Calendly

Calendly and TidyCal are services that allow you to create online calendars for your business, but which is best for you?


One-time purchase ($29) for lifetime access (Free plan with limited features)
Subscription plans start at $8/month/user (Free plan with limited features)
Calendar Connections
Up to 10 connections (Free & Tier 1 plan)
Varies depending on the plan
Appointment Types
Free consultations, paid sessions, group meetings, recurring appointments
Free consultations, paid events, polls, collective scheduling
Availability Management
Recurring blocks, specific dates, polls
Recurring blocks, specific dates, buffer times
Reduced branding on the free plan, custom booking page URL
Limited customization on the free plan, more options with paid plans
Zoom, Google Meet, Zapier, API
Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webhooks, multiple Zapier integrations
Payment Processing
Integrates with Stripe and PayPal
Integrates with Stripe and PayPal
Automated confirmation emails & reminders
Automated confirmation emails & reminders
Advanced Features
Group bookings, package bookings, custom email reminders, guest invites
Workflows, routing rules, analytics, and team features (vary by plan)
Best for
Individual users, freelancers, small teams
Individual users, freelancers, small & medium teams

Additional Notes:
  • TidyCal’s lifetime plan is a significant cost saver compared to Calendly’s subscription model, especially for long-term use.
  • Calendly offers a wider range of advanced features and integrations, particularly for team scheduling and analytics.
  • Both platforms offer free plans, but TidyCal’s free plan has limitations compared to Calendly’s.

 TiydCal vs Acuity:


Tidycal review
Tidycal vs Acuity

Here’s a table comparingTidycal and Acuity to help you decide which platform is right for you:

Acuity Scheduling (Squarespace)
One-time purchase ($29) for a lifetime access (Free plan with limited features)
Subscription plans start at $14/month (Free trial available)
Calendar Connections
Up to 10 connections (Free & Tier 1 plan)
Varies depending on the plan
Appointment Types
Free consultations, paid sessions, group meetings, recurring appointments
Free consultations, paid appointments, packages (series of appointments), intake forms
Availability Management
Recurring blocks, specific dates, polls
Recurring blocks, specific dates, buffer times, blackout dates
Reduced branding on the free plan, custom booking page URL
More customization options on all plans, including branding removal
Zoom, Google Meet, Zapier, API
Zoom, Google Meet, Webhooks, limited Zapier integrations
Payment Processing
Integrates with Stripe and PayPal
Integrates with Stripe, Square, PayPal
Automated confirmation emails & reminders
Automated confirmation emails & reminders
Advanced Features
Group bookings, package bookings, custom email reminders, guest invites
Client scheduling (clients can reschedule appointments), online forms, marketing tools (vary by plan)
Best for
Individual users, freelancers, small teams
Individual users, freelancers, and small businesses (especially those using Squarespace)

Additional Notes:
  • TidyCal’s lifetime plan is a cost-effective option for long-term use, especially for individual users and small teams.
  • Acuity Scheduling offers more extensive customization options and marketing tools, making it a good fit for businesses looking for a more comprehensive solution (especially Squarespace users).
  • Acuity Scheduling integrates with a wider range of payment processors compared to TidyCal.
  • Both platforms offer free plans, but TidyCal’s free plan has limitations compared to Acuity’s in terms of customization.

Tidycal vs Doodle:


Tidycal vs Doodle
Tidycal vs Doodle


Here’s a quick comparison of TidyCal vs Doodle:


Individual and team scheduling
Group scheduling and finding mutually agreeable times
One-time purchase ($29) for lifetime access (Free plan with limited features)
Free, with premium features available (Subscription plans for organizations)
Availability Management
Set recurring blocks, specific dates, or use polls
Participants vote on their availability from pre-defined options
Appointment Types
Offer diverse options like consultations, sessions, meetings
Primarily focused on finding availability, appointment details set later
Reduced branding on the free plan, custom booking page URL
Limited customization options
Integrates with video conferencing platforms (Zoom, Google Meet) and Zapier
Limited integrations
Automated confirmation emails & reminders
Users communicate directly to find a suitable time
Advanced Features
Group bookings, package bookings, custom reminders
Best for
Individual users, freelancers, small teams
Finding meeting times among multiple people, casual scheduling scenarios

Affiliate Disclosure

To be honest I should let you know that if you click on my links and purchase Tidycal from Appsumo, then I might receive an affiliate commission. This commission empowers me to keep being productive in the future. However, don’t be afraid, I always make recommendations for Tidycal’s products and services based on my honest analysis and own experience. It is my objective to give accurate information to you so that you can make rational decisions.    
 Get Tidycal LifeTime deal 

FAQs of Tidycal 


  • What is TidyCal?
 TidyCal is a scheduling tool that eliminates the back-and-forth email struggle by allowing you to create a personalized booking page. People can then schedule appointments directly with you, choosing from your available time slots.
  • Is there a free plan?
Yes, TidyCal offers a free plan with basic features like creating a booking page and managing appointments. Upgrading to a paid plan unlocks functionalities like multiple calendar connections, free & paid meeting options, and reduced branding.
  • How much does TidyCal cost? 
TidyCal has a unique pricing structure. You can purchase lifetime access for a one-time fee of $29. There are no recurring subscriptions.
  • Is TidyCal easy to use? 
Yes! TidyCal boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy to set up your booking page and manage appointments.
  • Can I connect my calendar to TidyCal? 
Absolutely! TidyCal integrates with popular calendars like Google Calendar and Microsoft 365, ensuring your availability reflects your actual schedule and avoids double bookings.
  • What appointment types can I create? 
TidyCal offers flexibility. Create free consultations, in-depth paid sessions, group meetings, or even recurring appointments to fit your needs.
  • How do I manage my availability? 
TidyCal provides multiple ways. Set recurring blocks, designate specific available dates, or use the polling feature to find a mutually agreeable time with attendees.
  • Does TidyCal integrate with video conferencing? 
Yes! It integrates with Zoom and Google Meet, allowing a seamless transition from scheduling to the actual video meeting.
  • Can I accept payments through TidyCal?
 The paid plan integrates with payment processors like Stripe and PayPal, so you can collect payment directly for appointments.
Advanced Features (Paid Plan):
  • Can I limit bookings?
 Yes, the paid plan allows you to set booking limits to control your availability and avoid overbooking.
  • Can I customize my booking page? 
The free plan offers a limited URL customization. Upgrading unlocks more control over the look and feel (though complete branding removal might require higher tiers).
  • Can I send custom email reminders? 
paid plan lets you create and send custom email reminders to attendees before their appointments.
  • Can I schedule group appointments? 
Yes, the paid plan offers group booking functionality, allowing appointments with multiple participants.
Choosing TidyCal:
  • Individual vs Team: Consider your needs. If you’re an individual or a small team, TidyCal’s basic or paid plan might be sufficient. For complex team scheduling, explore higher tiers (if available) or compare features with other scheduling tools.
  • Free vs Paid: The free plan offers a basic experience. Evaluate your needs and consider the one-time purchase compared to recurring subscriptions of other tools.
Still unsure?
No problem! This FAQ is just a starting point. Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions about TidyCal.

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